James Wright MSc James Wright MSc

James is a popular speaker who, since 2002, specialises in delivering coaching and leadership programs to multi-cultural organisations worldwide. He is also passionate about embedding coaching, (aka ‘respectful communication’) with parents, teachers and schoolchildren.

Equally at home working in the private, public or third sectors, his clients include:

Channel 4, Discovery Channel, American Express, Phillip Morris International, International Personal Finance, IKEA, Westfield Shoppingtowns, Barclays Bank, Bank of Nigeria, Astrium (Paradigm), English Churches Housing Group, Medtronic, N. Somerset Education Council, Hilti Corporation, Deutsche Bank, English Schools Foundation (Hong Kong), Leaders Quest, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Kent County Council and of course, MOE.

Until 2002 he worked as an England National Team Volleyball Coach for twelve years, building a priceless understanding of the mechanics of winning and losing, team-dynamics, motivation, team cohesion and performance.

His style is to encourage people to engage with their significant ideas, challenges and the trends shaping the future of their organisations and families (macro); engage with people and their issues ‘up close’ (micro); explore and reflect on their own roles and responsibilities as leaders and parents, thereby growing as individuals (inner).

He is committed to the work of Amnesty International and speaks regularly in schools and colleges around the UK on its behalf and enjoys his commitments as Head of Coach Training with MOE. He has written two books

- Kid Pro Quo - Essential Parent-Coaching Skills for Growing, Cheerful, Confident Children

- Seven for a Secret - A New Realm of Awareness to Living and Dying for Children

“My philosophy is that true leadership, whether in businesses or families, is less about creating dependent followers and more about nurturing a next generation of enlightened leaders. By confronting fundamental people-issues and beliefs, we can encourage leaders and their companies, parents and their families to stay healthy ‘from the inside, out’.”


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