Natalia Talkowska Natalia Talkowska

Natalia Talkowska is the founder and visual storyteller behind Natalka Design where she and her team bring projects and events to life by telling stories through powerful and unique visual communication tools, such as: live sketching, design, explainer videos and creative workshops.

It's all about taking brands to the next level with the use of powerful & dynamic visuals and engaging communication strategies. Using visual communication strategies to tell stories has always been her biggest passion.

Throughout the years Natalia noticed a huge gap in the way companies communicate their message to their audience and lack of unique and innovative ideas to present them. She decided to connect all the dots, (skills, passion, and network) help companies grow and get more creative with the use of the most powerful communication tool ever: VISUALS.

She's a visual storyteller who's on a mission to change the way we communicate, remember things, present our business ideas and brand ourselves.

Natalia started running ND almost 2 years ago and since then worked with clients, such as: BMW, Rio Tinto, Honda, Talk Talk, Network Rail, ASDA, Lloyd's Register, TEDx talks, London Business School, Hilton, Cognizant, O-Reilly Media, Akamai, Deloitte, Cognizant, Cedar Fair Place and more.

Natalia has also illustrated parts of Ackroyd's Ark – Two by Two created by actor Sir Timothy Ackroyd under HRH Prince William of Wales Patronage. One of the texts was written by Nicholas Evans – author of The Horse Whisperer. Hollywood celebrity Khloe Kardashian was using Natalia's illustration as her Facebook cover picture. She's also done design for Jonathan Ross. She was speaking about the power of visuals at Digital Shoreditch Festival 2013 in London, live sketching at conferences such as Le Web, Velocity, Akamai Edge and iStrategy. She was also featured in The Mirror magazine nationwide.

Just after a year, Natalka Design is a team, which brings excitement and plans for the future to the next level. Natalia lives by these two sayings:

'Impossible is just way too easy' and 'Resist the usual'.

They kept her going especially when starting a new business without knowing what it’ll turn out into. She’s already building a new education and workshops platform vsacademy.co.uk and a monthly intimate meet up for people who enjoy quality conversations and doodling  www.doodleledo.com.

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