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Ushma Patel
Sandra Donskyte
Sam Collins
Nick Williams
Alastair Mitchell

Inspiring stories from entrepreneurs, leaders and those at the top of their game. These are everyday ‘ordinary’ people who have realised their dream, are M.A.D and living their version of a lifelessordinary.

Sir John Whitmore <br/>Performance Consultants

Sir John Whitmore
Performance Consultants

“My driving purpose is to make the world a better place than we misguided people turned it into starting at the industrial revolution with capitalism and consumerism”

Servane Mouazan<br/>Ogunte

Servane Mouazan

I have always been involved in politics or activism, from an early age. My mentor and great friend Marcelo Yuka impressed me the first time I ever met him in Rio, Brazil, in February 2000. This man had similar ideas to mine but in the right order.

James Munro Boon<br/>Elephant Branded

James Munro Boon
Elephant Branded

The idea was simple.. Elephant Branded… by doing something as small and as simple as buying a bag from a store you have inadvertently donated a school bag to a vulnerable child in Africa or Asia, giving them an opportunity that they previously never had.

Melanie Stack <br/>Weight Watchers

Melanie Stack
Weight Watchers

"It started with family background; beliefs and values based on equality, fairness, keeping perspective and respect"

Adrian Swinscoe<br/>Building The Bridge

Adrian Swinscoe
Building The Bridge

"...working as a teacher in the early part of my career cemented my interest in young people, what we do to help them enter the world and the world that we are building for them"

Doug Monro & Andrew Hunter <br/>Adzuna

Doug Monro & Andrew Hunter

"People matter – your investors, your co-founders, your team. Surround yourself with great people who you trust, and treat them well."

Jonathan Jenkins <br/>The SIB Group

Jonathan Jenkins
The SIB Group

“I am third generation stock broker and spent my formative career creating a market place for helping entrepreneurs seek early stage risk capital”

Julie Whelan <br/>DKH Legacy Trust

Julie Whelan
DKH Legacy Trust

“We inspire young people and unlock life chances for them by improving their skills knowledge and self belief through support and mentoring projects with sporting champions”

Matthew Slight <br/>Incite ICT

Matthew Slight
Incite ICT

“My drive comes from my family. Building a platform for Sarah and I, repaying my parents (is that even possible?) and bringing my children into a world of love and positive motivation.”

Tracy Skyrme <br/>TW Partnership

Tracy Skyrme
TW Partnership

“I can never remember a time when I didn't feel massively driven to do something original.”

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