The Jimmy Mizen Foundation The Jimmy Mizen Foundation

Jimmy Mizen Foundation logoThe Mizen family set up The Jimmy Mizen Foundation in the months following the death of their second youngest son.

In the immediate aftermath of Jimmy’s death they needed answers about what had happened and how, who was responsible and what would happen to them. These were questions for the authorities – for the police, the lawyers, and the courts.

But they soon began asking deeper questions that no government or public body could answer alone: what has gone so wrong that our young people are killing each other within our communities? What can we do to ensure young people do not resort to violence against each other? What sort of values should govern our society and how do we ensure they are instilled in all our young people? How can we stop a child born today from becoming a violent adult?

In the last 5 years we have worked with schools, prisons, local business people and the voluntary sector to improve the choices made by all young people and to make our communities safer.

Like MOE we believe that all young people, given the right guidance and support, have the innate ability to do good and be positive forces within their communities.

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