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With less than one week to go until the MOEvement Conference, we are super excited about hearing our speakers and hope to see you there.

This week we have been busy working on the final details for the conference.

As well as our 12 fantastic speakers, Liz and Tracy, the founders of Eudomonics, will introduce you to the principles and practices of being a Eudomaniac – living a flourishing life and being your best.  You will learn what managing energy to be your best is all about, access some rocket fuel to be more purposeful, get connected to others and spend some time playing with and creating habits that stick!

Isabel Cooke from Barclays Rise will be popping in to tell us more about this fantastic initiative and what they offer.

You can view the conference programme here

Over 110 tickets have gone!

Join us at the MOEvement Conference and....

  • Be inspired by the stories from people who just like you hold entrepreneurial and leadership visions for themselves
  • Learn what it takes to take your dream and idea from the drawing board to reality
  • Connect, learn and share with the awesome MOE community
  • Find yourself a mentor or coach who can help you to make your dream a reality
  • Get signed up to the MOE Programmes that help you to build the self-confidence, resilience and know how required to thrive in today’s economy
  • Have fun


If you can afford to contribute towards the cost of this conference, tickets start at £25. All of the money raised goes towards the cost of the conference and MOE Foundation.

If you cannot afford to pay, please email sue@moefoundation.com for a 100% gifted ticket, we only have a limited number of these.

We trust people to do the right thing, we are a CIO charity and for the past 4 years we have remained completely independent by using our contribution and gifting model, we are one of the few self-funding charities that seeks to give and gift to others.

We can only keep doing this if enough people who can afford to contribute do. Thank you.

Visit moevement.com to find out more and book your ticket

Say Hi

Tweet us at @moefoundation and use the hashtag #moevement


We look forward to seeing you next week! 


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